Episodes 7816-7820 (Block 1564)

Re: Episodes 7816-7820 (Block 1564)

Postby SamH » Thu Apr 12, 2018 9:22 pm

That guy deserved it! :lol: I used to go to a lot of basketball games and was a huge heckler, I loved it - but that was calling out to grown men being paid to play! It's also part of the sport at pro level, you get a lot of fans who try to distract the visiting team, its just how it is. For a parent to do it at a kids game is a bit much!

I was a bit disappointed the storyline was written to create huge tension between Yashvi and Dipi, rather than to showcase Yashvi as a naturally gifted footballer (given how short a time she has been playing) but hard to believe after all those mistakes that the recruiter would still be interested. Just be nice to see them push a girl forward as being great at a sport - perhaps that can still happen later though.
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Re: Episodes 7816-7820 (Block 1564)

Postby RamsayStreet » Thu Apr 12, 2018 10:00 pm

Number 28 is officially my favourite set! That said, Number 30 looked pretty good.

It also helps that I’m loving this Karl story and that they’re attacking it both dramatically & comedically.

I think the slatted windows in Clive’s office are modified from the old Charlie’s Bar set.

The boat scene with David & Paul could have been brilliant but that backdrop was too distracting. If they’re going to CGI the background it needs to be slight, facing into the boat.

I liked David being more Paul by attempting to use “Dad” to get what he wants, but failing spectacularly as he’s not Paul or Leo. Peter Mattessi got both the twins to call him Dad though.
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