Neighbours: the show's Good/bad and the potential

Neighbours: the show's Good/bad and the potential

Postby RobinsonSreet » Sat Nov 05, 2016 5:50 pm

Strong points:

Long terms era and familiarly of Karl/Susan, Toadie/Sonya and Paul
Shelia the gossip
Steph/Paul scenes and interaction, it's brilliant.
The potential surrogacy actually happening between the Rebecchis and Steph/Mark
Terese as a character.
Better pace of drama
Winning awards for the show.
Good producer: Jason Herbison

Weak points:
lack of neighbourly comedy and everyday interactions
Ben, Steph and the Kennedys without Libby. She needs to return.
Lack of Susan/Shelia rivalry. It's was once there but now its disappeared.

Potential opportunities:
Libby return means more storylines material for Ben, Steph the Kennedys and more good school/ teens scenes.
Terese having more drama would brilliantly played out maybe a drinking problem like Phil Mitchell from EastEnders.
More Willises returning/recasted if needs be.
More late night specials: the viewing figures were great.
Angus could be Mal's child. Explains why Angus father (Peter) doesn't want to live with him.
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