Paige and Ned

Paige and Ned

Postby project90 » Thu Oct 06, 2016 2:33 pm

It annoys me you never see them together they are brother and sister and live under same roof.

When Ned first came on the show thought be very interesting dynamic having Paige Ned Piper. 3 half siblings from 3 different mums believe that a neighbours first? Cause like say in Paul case never got see all his kids together

Really annoyed me how much time Paige spent with the Turners then the Willis she lived and work with the Turners was hoping she would of lived with the Willis to even it out. Josh and Paige started out with grate bond than felt like they forgot they related. Especially when came to supporting Amber on the baby stuff. Was Josh baby to and he was her brother to.

Hoped when the Turners left get see her with the Willis more but even now don't really get see her and piper together much and never see her with Ned
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