Paige's enrollment conversation to Eden Hills - IN FULL

Paige's enrollment conversation to Eden Hills - IN FULL

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In today's episode we only caught the end of Paige's conversation, enrolling her into an arts degree at Eden Hills. The full conversation had to be cut from the show as it ran on too long. However I have managed to find a transcript of the conversation, which I have posted below.

Eden Hills University - "G’day, Eden Hills University here. How may I help?"
Paige Smith - "Hi, my name is Paige Smith and I would like to enrol in a degree at your university"
Eden Hills University - "Sure, what kind of degree would you like to do?"
Paige Smith - "An arts degree please"
Eden Hills University - "OK, give me a minute and I’ll look up your details….OK I don’t see a Paige Smith living in Erinsborough.”
Paige Smith - "Can you please look again, its Paige Smith , Ramsay Street, Erinsborough.”
Eden Hills University – “I still can’t see a Paige Smith living in Ramsay Street….there is a Paige Novak though.”
Paige Smith - "Yeah that’s me”
Eden Hills University – “Oh did you change your name or something?”
Paige Smith - "Well you see what happened was that when I first came to Erinsborough I had to change my name to Novak so that my parents wouldn’t know who I was”
Eden Hills University – “Go on”
Paige Smith - "Well in order to enrol in my Dad Brad’s fitness class I had to get a fake I.D made up so that he wouldn’t know my real name and realise that I was his long lost daughter”
Eden Hills University – “A fake I.D?”
Paige Smith - "Yes, but don’t worry it’s all sorted out now and so I’ve changed my name back to Smith”
Eden Hills University – “You do realise that paying for goods and or services under a fake name, using a fake I.D is fraud?”
Paige Smith - "Yeah I know but it wasn’t my fault”
Eden Hills University – “I’m afraid I’m duty bound to report this to the police”
Paige Smith - "You can’t, what if my ex fiancé Mark finds out that I lied to him again, he’ll be furious!!!!!!!!”
Eden Hills University – “Ex Fiance?......again?”
Paige Smith - "We’ll you see what happened was that we were supposed to get married but on our wedding day he turned up and arrested me for my involvement in handling stolen goods, which I had expressly told him I wasn’t involved in.”
Eden Hills University – “You were arrested?”
Paige Smith - "Yeah but it wasn’t my fault, Domato and Michelle set me up?”
Eden Hills University – “You said you had lied to Mark before?”
Paige Smith - "Yeah well you see what happened was that I lied to him about being involved in a stolen car ring run by Domato and Michelle. And also I lied to him about being in a relationship with his brother Tyler even though we weren’t. “
Eden Hills University – “You told him you were dating his brother when you weren’t?”
Paige Smith - "No, although we did make out and sleep together but it wasn’t my fault as I was stressed from being trapped down a well looking for Domato’s missing $50,000.”
Eden Hills University – “How an earth did you get involved in a stolen car ring?”
Paige Smith - "Well you see it wasn’t my fault as I was only trying to protect my brother.”
Eden Hills University – “Hold on, I think I read about this in the Erinsborough News. Was your brother the guy who coward punched Chris Papas and put him in a coma and ended up doing community service?”
Paige Smith – Eh no that’s my other brother Josh. I’m talking about my younger brother Bailey”
Eden Hills University – “What did he do that meant you ended up protecting him by getting involved in a stolen car ring?”
Paige Smith - "He was caught on CCTV stealing a car, and Michelle and Domato found out and blackmailed me into getting involved in the car ring.”
Eden Hills University – “He stole a car, and you didn’t report it to the police?”
Paige Smith - "Yeah but it wasn’t his fault, he was drunk!”
Eden Hills University – “Drunk! How old did you say he was?”
Paige Smith - "Em, 16. But it wasn’t his fault, he was upset after finding out that his late father Matt, who was a cop, was secretly working for Domato on the side.”
Eden Hills University – “Domato again!!! This guy must hate your family.”
Paige Smith - "Yeah but him and Michelle went to jail so it turned out OK, until they got parole and set me up on the stolen goods thing.”
Eden Hills University – “How did they set you up?”
Paige Smith - "Well when Michelle got parole she came back to Erinsborough and we became best friends. But then it turned out she hated me and was setting me up?”
Eden Hills University – “So she pretended to be your friend after everything that had happened previously and you believed her?”
Paige Smith - "Yeah, but it wasn’t my fault, she said she had found Jesus”
Eden Hills University – “And you believed her?”
Paige Smith - "Of course, why would I?”
Eden Hills University – “Wait a minute, are you the same Paige that was reported to the police in mid-2014 by a Terese Willis for trashing Harold’s General Store?
Paige Smith - "Yeah but it wasn’t my fault as Terese has always had it in for me. Plus my Mum Lauren owns the store, plus I work there, so it turned out all right in the end.”
Eden Hills University – “Mark couldn’t have been pleased that you got reported to the police?
Paige Smith - "Yeah but that was the first time I had lied to him and we weren’t dating so he let it slide.”
Eden Hills University – “Well Ms Smith, or Novak, or whatever your real name is, from what I’ve heard you’re not exactly the kind of person that we would want on our university campus here at Eden Hills. You sound like a compulsive liar, who’s frequently in and out of the cop shop, and your family sound just as bad! I really don’t think we can have you coming to such a prestigious university such as Eden Hills.”
Paige Smith - "Look!!!! My adoptive mum is a very rich and powerful business women, my adoptive dad is also very rich, and I went to one of the most prestigious private girl schools in the county.”
Eden Hills University – “Really!!! Well you should have said.”
Paige Smith - "In fact I’m just back from visiting my mum in Singapore. I was saying to my other mum Lauren just yesterday about how she took me on a big shopping trip where I spent hundreds of dollars. It was a nightmare!!!!”
Eden Hills University – “Well given that your family is rich AND successful AND you went to a good private school, I can see that you’re exactly the kind of person we would want here at Eden Hills University. “
Paige Smith - "That’s good to here. It’ll really help me get over my relationship with Mark”
Eden Hills University – “Any other reasons you want to do an arts degree here?”
Paige Smith - "we’ll If I choose to leave Ramsay Street in the future it would be good If I could land an arts scholarship to a really prestigious art school in Europe. Paris or Rome would be good. Plus it would give me an excuse not to come back and visit in the future for big family events like weddings and funerals. I mean neither Bailey, Mason, Amber, Lou, Cathy, My adoptive brother Ethan or my adoptive Dad bothered to turn up for my wedding last week.”
Eden Hills University – “OK well I don’t think we will have any problem in enrolling you in an arts degree here at Eden Hills. “
Paige Smith - "That’s fantastic, thank you so much!!”
Eden Hills University – “no problem, Can you start tomorrow?”
Paige Smith - "“OK, see you tomorrow”
Eden Hills University – “Bye”

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