Neighbours 2015 survey

Neighbours 2015 survey

Postby project90 » Sat Dec 05, 2015 7:15 am

Neighbours 2015

favourite storyline: I liked the fire but whole Steph storyline not bad either

worst storyline: Dimato thing for sure just drag on and was boring

favourite new comer: technically she a "returnee" but still going say Amy

favourite returnee: I liked having Harold around and really like Hilary but never saw her when she use be in it

Favourite guest star: Nick Petrides

Neighbour who left that be most missed: Naomi

Favourite Neighbour of the year: so hard pick one but Terese been grate

lease favourite neighbour of the year: tie between Brad and Lauren

favourite new relationship: none really overly liked but if had answer say Naomi and Paul

lease liked new relationship: Brad and Lauren

brake up you most saddest about : again none really cared about but if had answer go Naomi and Paul again

funniest moment: drawing a blank on this

best moment of the year: Paul shaving head/thinking his dying and Terese finding out about the affair

feel free add your own questions
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