Turner/Willis affair

Turner/Willis affair

Postby project90 » Wed Oct 14, 2015 2:38 am

not exactly playing out the way I'd of thought/ liked it to

first off was hoping for fact that Paige trying get her parents back together to come up again as far as i know none of her siblings know about this I'd of like her to cop a bit of heat from them about it. Not only she actively try split up a marriage but she is a living reminder of how this big mess all started

also thought Amber be more mad but she dose not care it good she been mature but at same time feel as if she under reacting. I hope when the baby born get bit of awkwardness over them all having share a granddaughter together. And even Imogen going on about her new niece and Daniel getting all funny about it as he thought it was his child at first

also would have liked it if was mentioned that Bailey was angry at Lauren and no longer speaking to her for the time being. He took Matt death so hard he had leave town I find hard believe he OK with his mum moving on with her ex 6 months later

going call it now this will be the start of Paul and Terese romance I've seen it coming since the Willis family moved to the street. If Lucy returns (hoping she dose even for a week) could get some interesting scenes of her being put in middle wanting have good relationship with Terese her brother new partner (assuming they get together) and wanting to keep her friendship with Lauren and Brad her two oldest friends.

also way down track think could be interesting if Lauren and Brad and Paul Terese got engaged at same time they could clash so much like both picking the same wedding day. and if Terese dose move on with Paul he can come back to the street

hate how Terese drinking just been forgotten her spinning out of control during all this be bit of nice added drama and Paul helping her deal could lay foundation for there romance

and a hint of Imogen eating disorder could be good to. her actually relapsing be bit much but having her just saying in one episode with her world turned upside down she worried her old insecurity will get the better of her again and she dose not have a strong family unit any more for support and that her friendship with Amber not the same since she been with Daniel and since Lauren broke up the family.Could be a nice moment with Daniel cause he could point out she has him now or something
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